Car Shifting & Packers and Movers

CAR SHIFTING in the array of our vehicular shifting services provided exclusively by Runway Cargo Packers and Movers. Car Shifting is another essential feather we have added to an already vivid range of services that we are providing to our customers. 

In the modern times, often the movement of people from one place to another keeps taking place, in such cases people cannot afford to buy a new vehicle every time and driving them from one place to another while simultaneously carrying out the heavy work of packaging and removal activities of their home seems a bit more to ask in such cases we come to your rescue! 

We Runway Cargo Packers and Movers believe your vehicle is our duty, in no time we can transport it to safely the location that you are finally shifting. And on top of that the biggest concern that is of formalities on the way.

Apart from identification of the owner of the vehicle that are required during such shifting we’ll take care of it. We will do all the custom duties which we already tell you about in terms of charges and as per the weighing and class of your vehicle we choose a suitable plan for you.

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Car Shifting is a very different process, in this a lot of emotional value is attached to the item that is being moved. People often ask us, what will happen to the scratches, to my coating, the condition in which it will be transported and other obvious queries. We respect all your concerns and at the same time would like you to know-We know what this vehicle means to you. We have special trailer to carry your vehicle in a closed and safe means to the desired place. 

The best part about us is that we are single largest source for all your shifting related works-be it domestic, transportation to international terrains or furniture movement or Car shifting. At Runway Cargo Packers and Movers, we work with the idea that be it delivery from Colombo to Sri Nagar or from the Caribbean Island to Fiji Islands, the movement shall take place in the best of its state with the same efficiency that our customers who have built a trust basis relationship with us merely to get a tension free premium movers and packers service at their avail. 

Runway Cargo Packers and Movers, we work with confidence, zeal, experience, transparency, speed and safety as the top priorities. You know what best? That you can get a free quote from us, depending on the type of your vehicle than even if its USA or Delhi we are all set to deliver. We work transparently. 

All the charges that are there will be in front of you. There is nothing we tell you later in terms of costs. We also provide live tracker facility So you can easily track down where your vehicle is going in real time. We know how to provide you with tension free transportation and we are happy to serve you.