SEA Cargo and Transport Services

Sea shipping is one of the most economical ways of sending large volumes of goods abroad. In a case, your shipment is not particularly time-sensitive; sea shipping is a feasible option. Runway Cargo Packers and Movers is committed for excellence in the sea shipping service.

Our sea shipment department is handled by expert professionals, assuring full commitment and dedication. Our service is available at a reasonable and fair price for a long terms perspective in mind.

Our sea shipment department includes the following:

  • Technical Management
  • Follow-up shipper
  • Crew recruitment and management
  • Commercial Operator
  • Vessel planning professionals

You get professional and experienced seamen who are expert in shipping a wide range of cargo such as grain, medicines, chemical, crude oil, etc. 

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We can provide you cargo service from all major ports to India and overseas. Our expert team comprises of vessel planning team, follow-up shipper, and team that looks after all the documentation.

Also known as full container load, it is designed for only one client. When you choose this option for the shipment, the container will be fully occupied by your goods only with proper documentation. We will deliver the items to your desired destination safe and sound.

Types of container we have for load are: High cube container, Open top container, Reefer container, Collapsible flat rack, Dry container

Why us? When you choose us, you get extensive benefits, like defined transit time statement, complete schedule flexibility, preparation of all important declarations, complete shipment tracking facility.